Noel Guevara


The 2015 Director Show Reel is up!

After two years, I finally got to sit down and prepare a new director’s show reel. The objective this time around was to make it as short as possible, and master editor Maui Mauricio was able to make a heavy-hitting edit that runs for just a minute and fifteen seconds. Going through the projects again made me remember all the hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm that the teams put in, and this made me nostalgic all of a sudden.

I’d like to thank all the clients, creatives, accounts, producers, directors of photography, cameramen, assistant directors, casters, talents, location managers, production designers, art directors, production managers, sound teams, hair stylists, make-up artists, editors, post artists, and sound designers who made these projects possible and who helped execute my vision.

And just like before—Dad, this is for you.

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