Noel Guevara



I'm proud to unveil my Nature & Documentary Show Reel collating my conservation and wildlife camerawork from the past year. I had a fantastic time shooting in some of the most beautiful spots in the Philippines: Moalboal, Balicasag, Davao, Coron, Calatagan, and Puerto Princesa. A load of thanks for my clients and creative collaborators: Greenpeace International, Department of Tourism, LG TV, and Studio H2O.
I’m proud to share this material showcasing the beautiful underwater world of the Bohol Sea. Shot entirely in 4K with a Nikon D850 in Balicasag Island, Bohol, this video is currently on exhibit at The National Museum of Natural History, played on loop on LG TV 8w wallpaper OLED TVs. All the clips shown here were shot in only two days in Balicasag Island--a testament to the immense luck that was on our side. I was initially skeptical of being able to fill a 2-minute video with enough footage from such a short trip, considering past experiences wherein I'd go on a five-day trip and come home with no notable encounters. But the Bohol sea proved us wrong. It pulled out all the stops for us save for those elusive whale sharks and mantas who weren't in season to begin with. Aside from being blessed with such a fun assignment, I'm deeply honored to be able to contribute, in my own small way, to the mandate of the National Museum. Cheers. Coded clips are available for licensing. Directed, shot, and offline edited by: Noel Guevara Online and Color Grading: Maui Mauricio Dive Guide: Alex Permyakov Shooting Rig: Camera: Nikon D850 Lenses: Nikkor 16-35 f4 lens, Nikkor 60mm 2.8 Macro Housing: Nauticam NA-D850 Lights: Keldan Video 4X Filters: Keldan M2 Spectrum Filter + M1 Ambient Light Filter Underwater Gear : HECS Aquatic 1.5mm Custom Stealthsuit + HECS/Ruku Fins Topside Gear: 22 Degrees Ocean Jacket and Cinebags All available at Squires Bingham Sports
October 28, 2018: Churchill, MB, Canada. The Polar Bear Capital of the World. I wanted to shoot a timelapse of a Polar Bear walking across the horizon so I setup the rig in an area where we spotted a bear half a kilometer away. Instead of walking across the horizon though, the bear sniffed around in the willows over the ridge and emerged on the other side, rendering the shot useless. Next thing we knew it was already headed for our setup! For the next five minutes or so the world’s largest land carnivore used my GorillaPod as a chewtoy and the GoPro as a lollipop. The GoPro wasn't connected to my phone so I had no idea what we were getting. I was so worried that it would run off with the rig or consume it, but since it's illegal to interfere with wildlife, we had to sit out from a distance and wait. Thankfully he lost interest and moved on!