Noel Guevara is a freelance video director based in Manila, Philippines.  For the past seven years he has worked on TV Commercials, online videos, and AVPs for brands such as Burger King, M&Ms, Nike, Head & Shoulders, Pond's, Pampers, and Whisper. 

He specializes in action/sports, food, lifestyle, and comedy.

His work has won recognition and awards for his clients, some of which are:

  • Finalist, Araw Awards - Globe's "'Kada Kwento"
  • Silver, Boomerang Awards - Nike's "Take Every Advantage"
  • Finalist - Best Use of Media , Festival of Media (Montreux, Switzerland) - Safeguard Active "Beat your Personal Best"
  • Finalist - Best use of Emerging Technology , Festival of Media (Montreux, Switzerland) - Safeguard Active "Beat your Personal Best".

Click here for his latest show reel.


As a professional photographer, Noel's projects span both commercial work (portraiture, lifestyle) for magazines and brand, and conservation photography (documentary, wildlife) for NGOs such as WWF, Marine WIldlife Watch of the Philippines, and Coral Triangle Initiative Southeast Asia. His work has been recognized by National Geographic and has won international awards.

An avid diver, Noel took to underwater photography to generate awareness and increase interest in marine conservation. His photos have been used by WWF Philippines, Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines, and other NGO groups for their own campaigns and initiatives.  


Noel is the Founding Partner of Burnwater Design Studios, a design firm that he started back in 1998 while in third year high school. The group specializes in graphic design, social media marketing, and merchandising (toys and apparel). 

Brand Partnerships

Noel is an ambassador and a member of the imagery team of HECS Aquatic, manufacturer of revolutionary stealthscreen wetsuits that limit the human body's electromagnetic signals, allowing the wearer to get closer to marine life.

He is also an ambassador for 22degrees neoprene jackets.