Noel Guevara


Enjoy Marine Wildlife Responsibly Campaign

A few weeks back, AA Yaptinchay of Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines contacted me with an interesting request: send over photos of divers practicing proper etiquette while observing marine wildlife. He explained that these will be used in an online campaign detailing how to behave around sharks, turtles, rays, and other pelagics. 

As a big supporter of the organization, I immediately went through my library for photos that fit the requirement and sent them over.

So far, these have come out on Facebook:

I'm very particular about how divers (and everyone else for that matter) interact with marine wildlife ("don't touch, feed, or disturb" is usually my quick tip to friends and family), and I believe that this campaign is very important. Education is the key tool in marine conservation, and presenting facts and procedures in this well-designed and well-written visual aid on Facebook is very efficient strategy.

Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines is a non-stock, non-profit organization in the Philippines that started out as a Facebook page in 2009. It continues to be a crowd-sourced online watchdog that keeps everyone abreast about the welfare of our marine wildlife. It has also become a go-to for information and help line for marine life in distress.

Visit and like their Facebook page here.