Noel Guevara


Untitled Shark Book Project

Today I made the first (albeit small) step towards realizing an ambitious personal project that I've been cultivating in my head for the past few months. 

A first for me, this photo book will be about one of the most beautiful subgroup in the Philippine seas that I hold very close to my heart. This project will span many years, many miles, and a ridiculous amount of dives, but as they say, every journey begins with one step. 

Nevermind that I have only been diving for two years. Nevermind that it will be a challenge to find funding and organizations willing to let me piggyback on their projects. Nevermind that the chances of great encounters dwindle as every day passes. I cling to the dream that somehow, this project and the process involved in creating it, will have at least a small, positive impact on the plight of these magnificent creatures.

I confidently mark this day in an effort to have a Point "A" that I can look back to as I head for Point "B" (and to make the project a little more real). Here we go! #thesharkbookproject

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