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HECS Scuba Suit Catalog

HECS Semi-Dry Scuba Suit Catalog 1/2: Last month I shot Lee Goldman for HECS Aquatics' new semi-dry scuba suit catalog. As an ambassador for the brand I was given one of the first suits to come off the production line and was also given the chance to shoot it for the online catalog.

Made from Yamamoto #45 Neoprene, it's a premium suit made from the best possible materials. Like their spearsuits, the scuba suit lined with patented HECS stealthscreen technology that limits the electromagnetic impulses generated by our bodies, allowing the wearer to #getcloser to marine life. Click here for more info on the suit. 

The 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm versions will be available locally in Manila at Squires Bingham Sports.

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